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Step 1
Apply with Trainizi
Our algorithm recommends nursing jobs in English-speaking countries based on your experience, background & aspirations
Step 2
Get Certified
Take our training programs to be ready for certified assessments, including language & vocational
Step 3
Get Qualified
Submit your qualifications & certificates for governing bodies in the employing country to get verified & recognized officially
Step 4
Get Registered
Take the required tests to get official registration of nursing license in your focused area and ready for work

Why nursing with Trainizi?

Make a Difference: Embrace the opportunity to impact lives positively, providing care and compassion to those in need.
Global Opportunities: Unlock doors to exciting nursing careers in English-speaking countries, expanding your horizons.
Continuous Growth: Elevate your skills with our specialized training, ensuring you're always at the forefront of healthcare excellence.
Join a Community: Be part of a network of dedicated professionals, sharing knowledge and experiences to support each other.
Why nursing with Trainizi?
Tran Phuong Anh
Tran Phuong Anh,
Registered Nurse @ Finland
Starting over in a new country is never easy. Yet in my case, I feel that determination has paid off big time. I feel more happy than ever with a clear career trajectory and a supportive employer.

Trainizi facilitates the best jobs
to our certified learners

Qualifying jobsQualifying jobs
Qualifying jobs
High-Paying Jobs
Verified Employers
Minimum 2-Year Contract
Support For International Candidates
Qualifying candidates
Qualifying candidates
Need & readiness survey
AI-assisted interviews
Personalized career analysis & report
Personalized job recommendations
Training candidatesTraining candidates
Training candidates
Interactive microlearning
Flexible mobile access
Personalized learning path
Certifications & exams
Tracking progressTracking progress
Tracking progress
Progress & performance analytics
Step-by-step administration tracking
Transparency & 24/7 support
Career counselling & guidance

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